Established in 2009, GE.CO. S.r.l. is an environmental research consultancy offering analysis and project design for territorial management. It acquired Medita srl in 2012, benefitting from its vast experience in environmental monitoring, its technical staff and its equipment. Also in 2012 it entered a business lease agreement with Geosystem Parma, a company active in the field of marine and coastal surveys since 1984.

We promote nature conservation and sustainable development in coastal management by developing technology, processes and products with reduced environmental impact.

Our network of professionals spans a range of specializations, enabling us to solve any environmental issue through a multi-disciplinary approach.

We provide technical support to private and public bodies engaged in environmental projects, accompanying each work stage with characterization surveys, geo-physical and seismic stratigraphic surveys of the seabed’s morphology and geometry, surface and deep sea sampling, field and laboratory analysis, working with regulatory authorities to obtain permissions, supervision and management, risk analysis, reclaiming plans, dredging and sand filling, coastal renaturation and protection projects.

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Ge.Co. srl owns the patent for Ecoreef®, a modular system for the protection of coastlines and riverside areas at risk of floods. Compared to other methodologies, this innovation offers the advantage of rapid deployment, by assembling modules that offer low impact and low cost containment, easy to maintain and, especially, very quick to install and remove. This is especially important when managing emergencies like river flooding or beach erosion. For the former, artificial levees can be erected within 48 hours of a warning being issued and then removed at the end of the event; for the latter, the modules can be installed to stabilize the beach while other actions, such as soft nourishments, are taking place.

With its many qualifications, quality and environmental certifications, GE.CO. Srl is able to guarantee all the preliminary steps, such as feasibility studies, monitoring, simulations, preliminary and executive project design, as well as the actual containment and the assessment of its environmental impact over time.